About Me

Hello strange world my name is Flemmings and I piss excellence. I like long walks on the beach (no seriously I like long walks on the beach or long walks anywhere, it’s VERY therapeutic). I’m here to blow your mind harder than a bullet to the head with the difference being you’ll still be alive and most importantly you will leave enlightened. I’ll make you laugh, hell I’ll even make you cry the Red Sea from your eyes, you’ll be more dehydrated then half of America during a heatwave. I’m here to educate you better than most scientists and psychologists claim they ever could. Once you come here I promise you’ll be back for more.

Disclaimer: Everyone with Autism is like a snowflake on the sense that they’re different every time which means I can’t speak for everyone on the spectrum when I provide my perspective or answer questions about your children/relatives on the spectrum and though people on the spectrum may share similar experiences and struggles, there are times where certain questions are hard to provide specific details for but I will do my best.