A 5th of Autistic

I usually write these anniversary posts on the actual anniversary of the first post on this page.(August 4th, 2013). I missed that for whatever reason.I can quite remember what I was doing on that day, but it is what it is. You know what they say, better late than never, right? I still find it difficult at times to believe that I have been maintaining this blog for five years. This blog admittedly was a cop out from writing a book my mother had been nagging me to write for years. I convinced myself that if I kept up with this blog, then I wouldn’t have to write a book. The funny thing about this life is, God has a way of really pushing us toward his will through others. People would be so impressed with the quality of writing on this blog that they would throw the book idea around. Everywhere I went, people would suggest that I write a book. My mother would also continue to nag me, time and time again. It wasn’t until last year that I would finally cave, and start going to town. I’m almost 200 pages in, so you can expect quite the epic. 

I’m thankful for having this blog, because for the first time, I’ve truly found my voice. I’m not always a well spoken person, so writing has become my outlet for pretty much EVERYTHING, even the ugliest parts of my life. If it weren’t for this blog, I would’ve never refined the writing style that I’d use to put my book together. Being The Epic Autistic has allowed me to connect with an audience I would’ve never reached otherwise. I have formed friendships with people whom I have yet to meet in real life. This entire adventure has been quite the thrill ride, and I hope for this adventure to take me to new heights. Thank you to every single one of y’all for supporting this blog over the years. I appreciate the love, and I hope to be less emo this year.

This is your friendly neighborhood Autistic speaking from 30,000 miles up in the air.


Typing with turbulence is as tedious as I’d expect.

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