What is Happiness?

What does it mean to be happy in this world? Does being happy mean to be in the company of your friends? Maybe your family? Maybe for someone being happy is having all the money in the world or maybe it’s having all the women your charm can get you. Happiness for one person can be completely different for another. Maybe happiness for someone can simply be a place whether it be mental or physical. Maybe it can simply be an idea, who knows.Happiness is in the eyes of the beholder, just like beauty. If that’s the case then what does it truly mean to be happy? That’s just something you have to figure out on your own. The key to figuring that out is to not fall for what the world’s conception of happy maybe at the moment.

For me, happiness can be a few things. Happiness can be something as simple as me throwing on a pair of headphones on the train ride home. Being able to close off the world for half an our and finally have the chance to escape in my head, Being able to sort through my thoughts is a release that I just simply can’t do without.

Happiness can also be as simple as me reclining back in my chair in my game room at the end of the day. Turing on that tv and tuning on to the news to watch problems that are not my own or escaping into the world of a good tv show, video game, or movie does wonders for my overloaded mind at the end of the day. The solitude also puts me at ease. It puts me do much at ease that I hate it when my parents just walk into the room unannounced and tells me that they need something or when they yell from upstairs for me to come up. It’s as if they’re just inadvertently forcing their way into a bubble of calm and peace. All of a sudden the sanctity of the bubble is violated and the negative energy of the world seeps in. It is the one bubble that can separate me from my problems just for a few moments.

Happiness for me can also be a really long walk through the woods or on a trail that allows me to be alone with my music and my thoughts. Walking is very therapeutic and allows me to release tons of stress and anger and sadness. Walking helps me to just breathe and to take everything in.

Happiness for me can be as simple as being around people who get me. People who not only acknowledge that I’m different but the embrace it, sometimes more than I do. It’s being able to know that the people you’re around will never abandon you no matter how bad things get in your life. They’re always there, even when you’re at your worse.

Happiness for can be simply sitting in a barista sipping on a latte while listening to music. I love simply being able to relax in a moderately chill atmosphere and have another means of escaping into the recesses of my head. Unlike a train ride, I can take as much time as I want before I have to stand again and move around.

Everyone has a different approach to happiness. It’s just a matter of figuring out what approach works for you. The key is to make sure you do what makes you happy and no one else.

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