4th and 1 (Keeping it 100)

Happy 4 year anniversary to The Epic Motherfucking Autistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m pretty fucking baffled that I’ve been running this blog for four years! It feels like yesterday since I first started this up as a way to reach people who wanted to jump into the rabbit hole of Autism. My mother had been nagging me to write a book for years but, the idea of a book seemed so daunting at the time so I started with a blog. This blog has been great because it allowed me to get bits of my story out there in bite sized chunks while also giving me the chance to evolve as a writer. Blogging has been a pretty eye opening experience that has connected me with people all over the world. I had started this blog with good intentions but, I part of me at the time didn’t think I could keep this blog going for as long as I have. I always thought it would be one of those things that would start strong but, would eventually fizzle out with time. I’m thankful for being able to keep this blog fresh with content over the years; it’s been a hell of a ride. I should also note that this is my 100th blog post, another major milestone in itself. I didn’t think I had it in me to be able to pump out 100 blog posts.

Now to kick off the beginning of this blog’s fifth year, I have an announcement that was made in two prior blog posts. I’m happy to say that I’m finally writing that book that my mother and, the whole damn world had been nagging me to write for years. I started a little bit four years ago but, It was tough to squeeze anything out. Sometime in April I felt inspired to write and realized what I had been doing wrong for the last four years. When I started writing the book the first time around I had yet to mature as a writer so, the first few chapters I wrote never came out quite as I wanted them. It was a few months ago that in order to write this book to the best of my abilities, I would have to be myself; blunt, brash, daring, incredibly vulgar, edgy and, borderline sadistic; Everything that has made this blog awesome in the last year and a half. I say “year and a half” because mid 2015 is when I really stared finding myself when it came to writing. I’m about 155 pages in after about two months of solid writing (Now you know why there has barely been any content past April. I’m loving how the book is coming out and, I can’t wait to share more content soon. For those who want a taste, I have left two sample chapters,


Wap Kon Jorge

Those two chapters will give you a small taste of what to expect. The book is a cross between my zany, blunt and, out of this world writing style and; my vivid, fucked up, borderline sadistic imagination. Those two chapters only scratch the surface and, it’ll be a ride to remember; The scariest ride at Six Flags will be pretty jealous of how fucked up of a ride my book will be. Anyways, it’s been real; I promise to start delivering more content for this blog. I have a ton a blog ideas that have popped up in the process of writing this book. Before I end, I just want to thank y’all once again for showing me love for the last four year. It’s people like y’all that push me to continue to keep this blog fresh with awesome content about yours truly. Here’s to another year of epic posts about my life.

Stay classy y’all….

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