Not Your Kind of People

For the longest time I’ve tried to find a song that describes my life in a nutshell. I’ve found a few that have come close but none of them really hit the nail on the head until now. I was listening through the albums of Garbage, a band from my favorite year of music (90s baby!!!!!!!!!) when I stumbled upon a song from their most recent album that felt as if it were written for me and all the other outcasts of society. As I listened through the song I suddenly felt a strong connection with the lyrics, especially during the second verse. In a nutshell the song is about being different from the rest of society and how different is always better. Now I’m not going to break down the entire song word for word but I will choose some sections of the song and explain the significance of the said section in my life.

Section #1:

“We are not your kind of people.
You seem kind of phoney.
Everything’s a lie.
We are not your kind of people.
Something in your makeup.
Don’t see eye to eye.”

I’m a very observant person, far more observant than people are willing to give me credit for. I may seem like I have my head in the clouds 90% of the time but truth is, I’m in my head and at the same time that I’m in my head I’m observing every single person that’s around me and taking very detailed mental notes about their personality and the type of person they are. Most importantly I try to determine whether or not someone is truly genuine or if they’re putting on an act. We can all agree that a lot of people are incredibly fake. Most of the time the personality people wear is simply a facade, a mask that they wear to fool everyone around them. People think I’m oblivious but the truth is, you’re the oblivious ones. I can see through your act really quickly. I know when someone is not being genuine with me and most importantly I can quickly tell when someone is pretending to be interested in me. Being different means that you’re always on the outside looking in. You see the world through a crystal ball and you’ll know faster than others when something is up.

Section #2:

“We are not your kind of people.
Don’t want to be like you.
Ever in our lives.
We are not your kind of people.
We fight when you start talking.
There’s nothing but white noise”

This one is pretty self explanatory. I’m different and I have no plans to conform to the unhealthy and unrealistic norms of society. We can all coexist as long as you can accept the fact that I’m me and that won’t be changing anytime soon. Problems start when people question my personality and my tastes in anything. I listen to a lot of rock, metal, and tons of other music that a lot of black guys don’t normally listen to, hell I listen to a lot of chick music and have every single Madonna album on my iPod. A lot of people look at me funny for half my musical tastes. I’m also very nerdy and I’m not talking your average lets wear hipster glasses and attempt to look classy/intelligent nerdy, I’m the lets go to conventions with people who don’t shower/builds computers/lets lose sleep as I complete this epic game/lets watch Star Wars/ Yeah Star Trek!!!!/NEW WORLD OF WARCRAFT EXPANSION?!!!!/ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/I’m gonna spend hundreds of hours leveling up my pokemon/screw this party, lets spend several hours maxing out the levels of my character in this MMO/STEAM SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!/Clothes?! Why spend $300 on new clothes when I can buy this expensive piece of gadgetry that won’t shrink or get dirty kind of nerd. Unfortunately in my neck of the woods people will look at you funny. All of a sudden you don’t fit in and you stick out in the worse way possible. I’ve had people force me to conform and it just doesn’t work well so don’t even try. I’m me and that’s all to it so if you don’t like it then the hell with you.

Section #3:

“Running around trying to fit in,
Wanting to be loved.
It doesn’t take much.
For someone to shut you down.
When you build a shell,
Build an army in your mind.
You can’t sit still.
And you don’t like hanging round the crowd.
They don’t understand”

Also somewhat self explanatory. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts I try to blend in as much as I can but not in the sense of conformity but rather, I do everything I possibly can to not stick out. I avoid doing or saying anything that will have people asking the wrong kinds of questions later. There are times where no matter how hard I try to blend in, people quickly realize just how different I am and while there are those who embrace it, there are those who oust me and want nothing to do with me. To be ousted or rejected is a horrible feeling so when people are actually attempting to be genuine I build myself a wall and keep them at a distance because in my head it’s too good to be true and therefore there must be some catch to someone being genuine to me of all people. This goes back to the earlier section where to me, a lot of people seem fake and always put up a false facade. I’m very picky with who I befriend so if I do happen to befriend you know that a lot of thought went into making sure you were the realest and most genuine person I’ve ever met so in short, don’t ever make me regret it.

Section #4:

“We are not your kind of people.
Speak a different language.
We see through your lies.
We are not your kind of people.
Won’t be cast as demons,
Creatures you despise”.

Also self explanatory. This revisits a few topics in my older posts where people are afraid of what’s different. I know I’m different and there are plenty of others on the spectrum that know that they are a bit different from the rest. Don’t drive that point home by ousting people or making people feel like they don’t belong. Everyone is different and it shouldn’t be any other way. This doesn’t just go for people on the spectrum, it goes for everyone of all walks of life. No one should ever give in to sigma of the sort. The last section of this song sums up the message of the song. People know they’re different and they know when they’re being singled out for being different so just don’t waste your time trying to fake being genuine, we’ll know and at the end of the day the only idiot will be you…. That’s my two cents of the day, stay classy people.

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