It’s That Wonderful Time of the Year

Hi world, if you’ve gotten this Facebook, WordPress or Twitter notification then you know what time it is. Another epic blog post from your neighborhood Epic Autistic. I have left Boston to get myself ready for one of my favorite activities of the year, EXPLORERS CAMP!!!!!!! Now for those who didn’t read my previous blog posts or need a refresher, Explorers Camp is a one week overnight camp for youth on the Autism Spectrum. Of all the things I do during the summer it is one of the activities that makes my summer complete and probably the most challenging yet rewarding week ill do all year. Nothing can top the joy that as catering to children on the Autism Spectrum, not even the best movie or video game ever. I’m still at a cross roads of whether I should make a permanent career of this or continue with trying to be a full time video game music composer but I’ll hopefully figure that out within a decent time frame.

It’s gonna be a little weird doing our camp in a different location. We used to do it up on a camp ground in Poland Maine called Aggasiz Village and after a few years the place started to feel like home to me. There was a certain charm about that place that might not be found anywhere else not to mention some of the fond memories it holds. Change isn’t the greatest thing but hopefully it’ll workout for the best. They way I like to look at the situation is through a simple idiom, “Home is where your family is”. The campground may be different but we have each other and it doesn’t get any better than that. Until next time loyal readers, until next time.

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