Sucker Punch (The Zigger Zagger to End All Zigger Zaggers)

Have you seen the movie Sucker Punch? No? Well what the hell are you waiting for? You’re missing out on one of the most mind blowing movies of 2011. Unfortunately this blog post isn’t about the really awesome psychological thriller that involves a bunch of steampunk, giant robots, and really hot girls with swords and enough artillery to arm a country for a life time. This blog post has to do with the blow life deals to you when you least expect it. That blow to the face and even the crotch when when you least expect it, the blow that hits you so hard you’ll spend a long time figuring out where it came from when the answer is standing dead in your face like a reflection in the mirror or a zit on your face. Continue reading

Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown (How To Wear Big Boy Pants With Style)

I had about 5 titles prepared for this blog post and managed to narrow it down to two. It was between “Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown” and “This Week I Got To Wear Big Boy Pants” I like both though I was leaning more towards the former yet I seemed to like the latter so I decided to combine the two into a delightful blog title that will woo audiences everywhere (Thank God for parenthesis’!!!!!).  Am I getting off topic again? Yeah it seems like it but just know that this title just like this entire blog was the result of carefully crafted precision and an expertly crafted imagination but enough talking, this post isn’t about the title but if you’d like I could make a post devoted to coming up with awesome blog post titles. Continue reading

Hold On, So You’re Saying I Made a Difference In Your Child’s Life? Nah, You Must Have the Wrong Person.

For the longest time I never really thought of myself beyond just another person floating around on this planet just living life. I never really went out of my way to make a difference in anyone’s life. I woke up, played video games, watched tv, watched movies, occasionally went out and when the summer came, I worked as a camp counselor at Easter Seals Explorers Camp. I never went above and beyond, I just did what was expected so you would understand why I was so baffled to find out recently that I was the reason one of our former campers decided to become a counselor or that I’m the reason why a camper I had from the previous year wanted to come back and even went as far as telling his mother and our ABA therapist that as long as I was there then everything would be fine. Continue reading

From East to West Explorers Camp’s the Best

Hello world, The Epic Autistic is back from another epic week with Easter Seals’ Explorers Camp. Once again it was a phenomenal week that helped me grow as a person and a leader. This year was particularly interesting in the sense that I got a very imaginative camper who at times was a mirror image of me in my youth. Unfortunately it was through him that I was once again reminded of the harsh realities of being different.

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It’s That Wonderful Time of the Year

Hi world, if you’ve gotten this Facebook, WordPress or Twitter notification then you know what time it is. Another epic blog post from your neighborhood Epic Autistic. I have left Boston to get myself ready for one of my favorite activities of the year, EXPLORERS CAMP!!!!!!! Now for those who didn’t read my previous blog posts or need a refresher, Explorers Camp is a one week overnight camp for youth on the Autism Spectrum. Of all the things I do during the summer it is one of the activities that makes my summer complete and probably the most challenging yet rewarding week ill do all year. Nothing can top the joy that as catering to children on the Autism Spectrum, not even the best movie or video game ever. I’m still at a cross roads of whether I should make a permanent career of this or continue with trying to be a full time video game music composer but I’ll hopefully figure that out within a decent time frame.

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