Cutthroat (The Epic Autistic’s Guide to Cordcutting)

It’s September 1st and you know what that means, MOVING TIME. As many local area Boston residents (or residents everywhere) are starting to move this weekend, the cable companies will be out in full force advertising juicy deals on bundles that you just can’t refuse. From buses to billboards and subway cars, the cable companies are casting all the lures to make sure they reel in a catch. Today your resident tech guru is here to make sure the cable companies don’t bend you over and have their way with you. Now the example I’ll be using will come from RCN’s website (my current internet provider). On the website for Boston residents, there is a cable tv/155 Mbps internet bundle for $49 that includes HBO access.RCN #1 Continue reading

The Anatomy of An Epic Blog Title

By now avid readers of this blog ave noticed the awesomeness of many of my blog titles on this site. From “All I Want For My Birthday Is a Big Booty Hoe” to “There Is No Spoon, Then You Will See That It Is Not The Spoon That Bends But Only Yourself” or “You Borrow My Brain For Five Seconds and Just Be Like “Dude Unplug this Bastard, Can’t Handle It!!!!!”, coming up with such EPIC titles is a science anyone can master if you’re willing to think outside the box. If you’ve come here with an open mind then I shall bestow upon you some of my techniques for making epic blog titles. Continue reading

The Epic Autistic’s Guide to Weight Loss

As the New Year kicks off, many people are making New Years Resolutions with the most common one being to shed a couple pounds. Now last year I managed to shed 35 pounds over the course of six months feel it’s time to pass on my knowledge and tips. All too often there are a plethora of meds and fad diets/workouts that people buy into out of desperation
or sheer laziness. Now I should note that not everything works for everyone and
before you plan to lose a large amount of weight (25 pounds or more) then you
should definitely consult a doctor or a nutritionist. I present you, weight lost tips from yours truly. Continue reading