I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends #2

So in the previous edition of this blog post I covered an expo I went to that featured a lot of assistive technology. Now for the first timers reading my blog or for those who need a refresher,¬†assistive technologies are a wide range of devices that give people with various disabilities weather they be physical, cognitive, or learning based disabilities to live, learn, work, and play just as efficiently as everyone else. Now about a month ago I went to a smaller scale assistive technology gathering at the Massachusetts state house called “Assistive Technologies for¬†Living, Learning, Working & Playing in Massachusetts” At this gathering/presentation we were able to try out some very awesome yet helpful toys and hear presentations from people about how these gadgets/toys played a vital role in them being able to achieve their dreams and to shatter the barriers that came along with their disabilities. In today’s post I shall showcase a few more of these awesome toys and how they aid in eliminating/alleviating some of the challenges that come with a disability. Continue reading