I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends #3 (X Marks the Spot)

Long time no see world! It’s been quite some time since I graced the world with my presence. Well I’m back and I’m ready to kick more ass than a person whose bestie got cheated on. I’m about to blow your mind harder than a donkey kicking some poor soul in the head. Now in previous iterations of this blog series I have covered various assertive technologies. Now to those who are new to my blogs or those who are new to the subject or need a refresher, assistive technology is any piece of equipment whether it be technical or bare bones that eases the life of someone with a disability or an impairment of any varying degree. For some, that may be an augmentative communication device, or others it maybe something as simple a program that increases the size of text, for another it may be a robotic arm that allows a fellow colleague of yours to feed themselves for the first time ever but we’ll get to that latter one in a future blog post on the subject. What ever it may be, it is designed with the purpose of making tasks that were once difficult or even down right impossible somewhat easier. Continue reading

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends #2

So in the previous edition of this blog post I covered an expo I went to that featured a lot of assistive technology. Now for the first timers reading my blog or for those who need a refresher, assistive technologies are a wide range of devices that give people with various disabilities weather they be physical, cognitive, or learning based disabilities to live, learn, work, and play just as efficiently as everyone else. Now about a month ago I went to a smaller scale assistive technology gathering at the Massachusetts state house called “Assistive Technologies for Living, Learning, Working & Playing in Massachusetts” At this gathering/presentation we were able to try out some very awesome yet helpful toys and hear presentations from people about how these gadgets/toys played a vital role in them being able to achieve their dreams and to shatter the barriers that came along with their disabilities. In today’s post I shall showcase a few more of these awesome toys and how they aid in eliminating/alleviating some of the challenges that come with a disability. Continue reading