Take Care (An Autistic’s Guide To Self Care)

WHAT’S POPPIN’ MOTHERFUCKERS?! Thought I was dead huh? Nah niggas, I’m alive and well, or at least I’d like to think I’ve been well, but the honest truth is that I’ve been a bit of a wreck the last year mentally. For a while I haven’t had the motivation to write anything. To be honest, I haven’t had the motivation to do much of anything for a number of reasons. We can start with work burnout. Some days (maybe more than I’d like), my job kind of sucks the life out of me. It ain’t anything wrong with the company, or supervisors because I absolutely love both. Work just simply sucks the life out of me, and someways it’s incredibly hard to be passionate about what I do. I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what’s next in life, and unfortunately I haven’t really figured that out.

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Smile Empty Soul (Depression Through The Looking Glass)

It you haven’t seen the recent Pixar movie “Inside Out”, y’all need to watch that ASAP!!!!! That movie will change your life in ways you couldn’t imagine. Now the movie follows a girl through her life and a major transition that will rattle her emotions. Her core emotions (anger, fear, joy, sadness, and disgust) are presented in a personified form and you get to witness how each of these emotions work to manage through a tough time in the main character’s life. The basic premise of the film is that you have a girl who has grown accustom to her life in Minnesota. One day you find out that her father has gotten a new job in San Francisco and they movie across the country which sends her emotions and her entire nervous system which is represented by a control center into complete chaos. Each emotion handles each new situation in their own unique fashion with the emotion Joy trying to keep everything together. Certain events in the film cause the emotions Joy and Sadness to get separated from the rest of the crew and the rest are left to manage the best they can. Continue reading

That Place Where Everyone Is Just As Broken As You


Ugh, it’s that time again, that time that comes every one to three months where I have to take the walk of shame but to where you ask? It’s sometimes the last place you’d like to be, especially when it because the reason you’re there in the first place involves a rather sensitive issue that I’ve covered in a few blogs. As you take that walk you try to recount where you’ve been emotionally the last few months and if you happen to encounter any “triggers” in your travels through the minefield known as life. It is in those moments this you remember that once again it’s time to see your psychiatrist.
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