Holding Onto Anger is like Drinking Poison and Expecting the Other Person to Die

A wise person once said that “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”. What would happen if despite some of your best efforts there are times where  you can’t help but continue to take sips of that poison because long after the fact you’ve been hurt, the memory can sometimes drive you mad, it stares you in your face like a nasty scar. The wound maybe closed but the memories will always remain. You continue to sip that poison because some days the memory hurts so badly that you feel as if the crime justifies the hate. Continue reading

You and Those Damn Headphones

“You and those damn headphones” my buddy from college would yell as I walked around during a job fair with them hanging around my neck. I’ll admit now just how out of place they looked with a button up shirt and a tie but honestly I never really though much about leaving them at the dorm. Actually, I seldom leave without them.

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You Borrow My Brain For Five Seconds and Just Be Like “Dude Unplug this Bastard, Can’t Handle It!!!!!”

Ever look at someone on the Autism Spectrum and as yourself what goes on inside of their head? What they’re thinking about and most importantly if they acknowledge you? Tonight I shall take you on a trip inside of my head and then you’ll understand the title of this post and most importantly, why you can’t handle my brain.

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You’re Autistic? But You’re So Smart!!!

You’d be rather surprised as to the type of responses I get when I tell people I have Autism. They will range anywhere from “but you’re so smart” or “but you seem so normal” to stuff like “prove it”. People over the years have grown to know Autism by two common traits, people who drool, flap their arms or spaz when there are loud noises. The second common trait people look for is what we call the savant which is basically the super intelligent person much like the one in Rain Man who could count cards, do complicated math in his head and register the sound of 200 toothpicks falling to the ground.

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It is Purpose that Created Us, Purpose that Drives Us

We’re all put here by what ever force you want to believe in to do something. If anyone told you that you’re one in billions, that your life against the life of others doesn’t hold some sort of merit then someone lied. For some of us we know from day one what our purpose in this world is but for the rest of us, it can take some serious soul searching and years before we realize what we’re meant to do and some unfortunately leave this moral coil before even realizing what their purpose is.

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